Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune Season 35

Wheel of Fortune is one of America’s most recognizable television shows. Pat, Vanna and Wheel of Fortune’s set are the three lead characters that make this TV show so iconic. To celebrate this monumental 35th season, we structured the Open around those three, inserting into the very-famous game board memorable moments in the show’s history. These video holes could be edited for each show so different moments could be inserted.

Key Staff/Special Thanks:
Harry Friedman - Executive Producer, Wheel of Fortune
Amanda Stern - Supervising Producer, Wheel of Fortune
Robert Ennis - Director, Wheel of Fortune


Theme Weeks

Wheel of Fortune not only travels the globe for the show but also hosts theme weeks throughout the year. One of those themes was America’s Game, the unofficial tagline of Wheel of Fortune. The red, white and blue was an obvious choice of color, with the shooting stars supporting the text logo.


Logo Options

We treat each theme week as a show in and of itself, developing a unique logo type for each week. Here are some type layouts we experimented with for America’s Game.

America's Game Font Options-01-01.png


We explored everything from barbecues to famous U.S. landmarks, to muscle cars to capture the right look for America’s Game.


Sweethearts Week

Taking a modern approach to the design, Sweethearts celebrates the special day in February that is spent with loved ones. The style is sweet and enduring and represents family and love.


Logo Options

We were looking for a type that was charming and romantic without being cliche. Ultimately, style four was selected for its sleek and modern look.



We explored everything from love notes to hearts to Valentine’s Day presents to find the right look for the theme.

Island Hopping

With Spring and Summer just around the corner, Pat and Vanna go Island Hopping. We took a simple, yet fun approach to this design with rich and bright colors to help compliment the overall color scheme of Wheel’s set.

Logo Options



We explored different directions including an island adventure above and below sea level, a traveler collecting stamps and maps along their adventure, a sandy getaway vacation, and a relaxing trip with fun in the sun.

Rail Tour

Season 36 of Wheel of Fortune came to an end with their final themed show, Rail Tour. A milestone season for WOF now with 7,000 episodes and counting! We rigged and animated the train and dressed the station with tie backs to Wheel’s set.