Verizon Best Of

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Verizon Best Of…

For NBC’s NFL Pre-Game Show, Football Night in America, Gameday was tasked with creating a sponsored open for one of the show’s segments. Verizon’s Best Of open kicked off a highlight segment showcasing the best plays of the NFL week. The final product used Verizon as the obvious focal point accompanied with banners and NFL logos showcasing the entirety of the league, rather than individual match-ups.


We played around with different looks varying from light box letters with scaffolding that would resolve flat to camera to the banner look used throughout NBC Sports Graphics’ package. The banners were chosen as they closely resembled NBC’s look and identity, making it a nice tie-back to the overall show.



Inspired from live video used in light boxes, backgrounds and color schemes that tie back to the overall Football Night in America design. The largest inspiration selected was the broadcast package closely resembling Football Night in America.