Rio Olympics


Rio Summer Olympics

The on-air graphics package for NBCUniversal's coverage of Rio 2016 was created to spotlight the vibrant, colorful and diverse visual palette of this unique, sun-bathed Brazilian region.  Free-flowing, wavy and liberating motion theory was paired with a full-range color palette, to echo the feel and sentiment of the people of Rio de Janeiro.  The overall design structure of the package was solved through curvy and unconventional lineforms, noted in the pebble shapes of the NBC Rio 2016 logo and sport pictograms.  Country flags were modeled and composited in a mosaic theme - an artform historically embraced by Rio artists, and highlighted in the famous Escadaria Selarón in downtown Rio de Janeiro.  Overall, the graphic package was conceived and structured to complement, not overtake, the beautiful views of the landscape and people of Rio – to connect art and design with moving image, with the intent of setting the stage for the U.S. broadcast of the most exciting sports competition, in one of the most stunning locations in the world.