Sochi Olympic Winter Games

NBC’s Olympic team, led by Dave Barton, created a beautiful, Emmy-award-winning graphics package for the XXII Sochi Olympic Winter Games. We helped customize and develop this graphics package for the prime-time studio show as well as customized graphic elements used throughout the entire broadcast. For the studio, the team at Blackwalnut utilized the strong patterns and textures featured in Russian Khokhloma and Ghzel patterns to create a sophisticated, modern, and beautiful winter set. The studio graphics played off of the set design as well as the cool palette of the Winter Olympics contrasted by the warm early morning view upon the top of the Caucasus mountains to create a cohesive look the related to the overall package.



Complete transition package. The dust particles dragging off screen as the 3D flies away added to the momentum of the graphic. Used daily throughout studio and live broadcasts.


Tape Elements

Some of our favorite and strongest graphic elements created for the broadcast. These were used daily by all production teams to enhance the overall stories of the games.

Picto 2.png


Here are some highlights of the studio graphics. We felt the look of the monitor graphics married seamlessly to the architecture of the studio as well as the overall graphics package.

Flag Studio.png