Red Bull Signature Series

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R.B.S.S. Re-Brand

The Red Bull Signature series is an energetic, colorful and stylish sports show with extreme athletes performing at high levels of risk and reward. We experimented with a graphics package that captured how unique the sports are.


Concept 1 — Paint Rush

Paint Rush combined the show’s identity with a changing color palette. For warm, summer sports we went with oranges, reds and yellows. For water sports, we dove into a deep blue look. For winter sports, we chose a crisp, icy, light blue. For motion, we loved the idea of using some sort of slow motion “bullet time”. The panels and the paint elements would animate on rapidly and then snap to a crawl for the living hold.

The information delivery system was to be bold. We wanted large type so viewers could watch on big and small screens as more viewers consume the shows on iPhones and tablets.

Since it is the “Signature Series” we wanted to incorporate the use of player signatures throughout all three concepts. Signatures are visually strong and give personality and recognition to the names of athletes and talent, while tying back to the Signature Series title.

Concept 1 showcased the logo in multiple cultural environments and provided the idea that 7-UP is a vital mixer in anyone’s favorite beverage. Consistently centered branding provides a sophisticated anchor to the animation. The center logo slowly rolls back into the center of the piece as backgrounds and textures transition behind. The textures will bring life and fun to the animation while the footage and images reference the culture and identity of 7-UP.


Concept 2 - Digital Signature

For Concept 2, we explored a high-tech information delivery system. The visuals are straight forward, giving us a robust system to meet all insert needs. We loved the idea of using the yellow accent arrow as a narrative device to guide the viewer through key sets of information. For motion, we had the light signature travel around the graphics to give them energy and life.


Concept 3 — Crisp

This 3rd concept was all about function. Clean, easy to read and direct. This style was practical as well as functional. It geared the focus towards the show itself, with the unique locations as the forefront and the graphics acting as a secondary element. This option allowed the flexibility to change and was most cost effective.