Jeopardy! Season 35

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Jeopardy! Season 35

The on-air graphics package for Jeopardy's 35th season was created to highlight and celebrate the iconic moments that have helped make Jeopardy! one of television's most recognized shows of all time.  

Our camera sends the viewer through a representation of the Jeopardy set which is accompanied by Hero and secondary objects that contestants and viewers could see in a typical Jeopardy answer. Sprinkled in the 2-scene Open are "Easter Eggs" of memorable moments throughout the 35-year-run of the show.  Loyal fans who have followed the show for years are rewarded with the subtle nods to moments like Alex's mustache, The Dreaded Opera Category, and the sheet music to Jeopardy!'s theme song.  One goal was to keep the graphics bright and vibrant but we also wanted to remain classy and sophisticated as a way to give respect to the most popular game show in television's history.



Here are some of the ideas we explored for Season 35. We knew we wanted to introduce iconic elements from the show’s history as well as maintain strong visuals that relate to the theme of the show. Categories of knowledge such as science, history and literature were important to keep in mind. We explored using elements from the Jeopardy stage which is as iconic as the show itself.


Teen Tournament

What a fun project this was. We were tasked to update the current Season 35 Open and make it into a teen theme. We animated a drone flying in Trebek's mustache, equipped filters on the theater masks, and changed the violin into an electric guitar. Finally to round out the piece, we rigged the Thinker Statue to perform a "Dab" pose, because, of course we did!

Jeopardy! All-Star Games

The Jeopardy! All-Star Games was the first of its kind for the 35-year-old show. Eighteen former champions returned to the stage to play in a structure never before seen: in teams! Six team captains chose their squad in a Facebook Live broadcast, another first for Jeopardy!, and competed for a $1,000,000 prize.

Gameday created the team logos, monitor graphics, transitions and end capper to the Open which was shot by Stun Creative.

Teachers Tournament

The Teachers Tournament rounded out Season 35 of Jeopardy!. Gameday played off of the fun we had with the Thinker in the Teen Open by equipping the statue with a coffee mug and surrounded him with objects you would see in a typical classroom. In the second scene we modeled a regular classroom with student and teacher desks and replaced the category videos with chalkboard categories.