Jeopardy Season 34

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Jeopardy! Season 34

The on-air graphics package for Jeopardy's 34th season was created to spotlight the vibrant, colorful and traditional palette of a show that has been in family homes for 34 years. 

A point of view camera guides fans through prominent Hero objects that are paired with handwritten questions to echo the feel and sentiment of Jeopardy's overall identity.  Jeopardy's loyal fan base has been essential with keeping the show on air for so long.  To reward that loyalty, our team modeled and composited 5 separate Opens, as opposed to just one, to keep each day of the week fun and fresh.  Buried into each scene are fun graphical details for Jeopardy's loyal viewer to find, making the Open a game show in and of itself. 

Overall, the graphic package was conceived and structured to compliment and pay homage to a show that has been a stapled tune-in for families of all generations - connecting art and design with moving image, intended to kick off the most popular game show in television's history. 

Jeopardy! Staff:
Harry Friedman - Executive Producer, Jeopardy!
Lisa Broffman - Coordinating Producer, Jeopardy!
Clay Jacobson - Director, Jeopardy!
Rocky Schmidt - Supervising Producer, Jeopardy!
Deb Dittman - Senior Producer, Jeopardy!
Shelley Ballance Ellis - Licensing & Clearances
Monique Diaz - Licensing & Clearances
Chloe Corwin - Assistant Director, Jeopardy!

Gameday Creative Staff:
Eric Say - Creative Director, Gameday Creative
Scott Flato - Executive Producer, Gameday Creative
Nathan Raabe - Lead Designer, Gameday Creative



We drew inspiration from a ton of art around the internet that is shown in this collage. Some great studios and production companies have incredible projects and ideas to work off of. A combination of all of that work eventually made its way into the open.

Reference Images.png

Open 2

The Hero objects selected on Open 2 fell under the theme of Science meets History. First, the T-Rex fossil was chosen for its strong visual presence. It is a grand object that we knew we could bring to life with motion in an impactful way. The T-Rex also represents the best of both Science and History. The Declaration of Independence falls under another category of U.S. History. Easily recognized and accompanied by well-known icons of history, this famous piece of paper was an easy choice in the history section. It was also a wonderful opportunity to add life to John Hancock’s signature, something we had fun with. Lastly was the telescope which brought in the beauty and elegance of stars and constellations. Both have been admired since the dawn of time and the ending scene related back to the overall Jeopardy! backgrounds used in monitors.

Open 3

Open 3 had three themes: Science, Art and Architecture. For the Science section, we went back to grade school with the telescope. Always a strong visual presence, we got in close to the object to give it a bigger look and feel. For Art, we went with Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, easily one of the most famous paintings ever created. Finally, we decided to bring in architecture with jagged edges and unique perspectives of famous buildings.


Open 4

Open 4 went back to History, Art and introduced Biology. The Santa Maria ship was one of our favorites to bring to life as it is visually beautiful with the accompanying open sea. The leaf, although an overall simple concept, became visually appealing when we honed in on specific biological attributes. Finally, Michelangelo’s famous statue of David carries with it a strong visual presence with beauty and grace.


Open 5

The last Open used Industrialization, TV/Film, and Geography to round out the week. The steam-engine train appeals to all generations, young and old, the old school film camera brought mystique and nostalgia, and the rolling hills of topography added depth and dimension. We played around with other hero objects which did not make the final cut, but wanted to add it below for reference.