Jeopardy! Season 34

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Jeopardy! Season 34

The on-air graphics package for Jeopardy's 34th season was created to spotlight the vibrant, colorful and traditional palette of a show that has been in family homes for 34 years. 

A point of view camera guides fans through prominent Hero objects that are paired with handwritten questions to echo the feel and sentiment of Jeopardy's overall identity.  Jeopardy's loyal fan base has been essential with keeping the show on air for so long.  To reward that loyalty, our team modeled and composited 5 separate Opens, as opposed to just one, to keep each day of the week fun and fresh.  Buried into each scene are fun graphical details for Jeopardy's loyal viewer to find, making the Open a game show in and of itself. 

Overall, the graphic package was conceived and structured to compliment and pay homage to a show that has been a stapled tune-in for families of all generations - connecting art and design with moving image, intended to kick off the most popular game show in television's history. 

Staff Includes:

Harry Friedman - Executive Producer, Jeopardy!

Lisa Broffman - Coordinating Producer, Jeopardy!

Clay Jacobson - Director, Jeopardy!

Monique Shelley

Deb Dittman

Rocky Schmitt

Eric Say - Creative Director, Gameday Creative

Scott Flato - Executive Producer, Gameday Creative

Nathan Raabe - Lead Designer, Gameday Creative