NBC Football Night in America Teases 2018-19 Season

An idea to use cartoons to represent NFL players came about in NBC’s 2018/2019 Football Night in America season. This particular tease, which was shot in Gameday’s office, was voiced by actor Michael Chiklis as fans found out what happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object.

Key Staff/Special Thanks:
Vinny Costello - Feature Producer, Football Night in America
Rob Hyland - Producer, Football Night in America
Adam Ahl - Artist, Gameday Creative
Autumn Morowitz - Associate Producer, Football Night in America
Michael Chiklis - Voice Over


Kings of the Kingdom (Week 7)

The red-hot Kansas City Chiefs squared off against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football in week 7 of the NFL season. The Kings of the Kingdom were riding high entering the match up and the Football Night in America team showcased that in this re-tease to kick off the number 1 show on television.


Monsters vs. Purple People Eaters (Week 11)

In week 11, it was the Chicago Bears, led by star defensive player Khalil Mack, hosting the Minnesota Vikings. Nicknamed the Reverend, Everson Griffen was the star design as the Purple People Eaters battled the Monsters from the Midway.