Dr. Pepper


Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is a clear choice to satisfy your craving during game time. The company’s bold brand colors were contrasted by a crisp, clean background to make sure Dr. Pepper stood out as the hero of the ad space. This creative element was used throughout stadiums around the U.S. so each ad had to be customized to fit each stadium guideline.


Ribbon Displays

One of the most important parts of these ad campaigs is they have to look good on the ribbon displays inside different stadiums. We explored several different ribbon concepts to find one that maximized Dr. Pepper’s brand.

_Frame 1 (0;00;00;00).png
_Frame 2 (0;00;05;18).png
_Frame 3 (0;00;05;18).png
_Frame 4 (0;00;00;00).png

Concept 2

_Red Frame 1 (0;00;00;00).png
_Red Frame 2 (0;00;00;00).png
_Red Frame 3 (0;00;00;00).png
_Red Frame 4 (0;00;05;26).png