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7-Up — Mix It Up Campaign

7-UP mixes well in any social environment.  Bold brand colors contrasted over a crisp, clean product reinforces the iconic look and identity of 7-UP.  The Mix It Up Campaign further showcased that idea with in-stadium LED monitors promoting the brand.  We were tasked with creating monitor graphics for  stadiums that included the Anaheim Ducks, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Penguins, among others.

LED monitors help light up overall darkly lit stadiums.  We wanted to shift from a dark to a light color to really show off the LED boards and catch the fans’ attention.  Aside from the quick burst of light energy, our team wanted to tie back to the Mix It Up campaign with crisp colors, bright fruit and bubbles. 

This campaign was deployed in multiple stadiums and made to be a cohesive system to help with the overall variety of different screen sizes each venue required.


Concept 1 — Culture

Concept 1 showcased the logo in multiple cultural environments and provided the idea that 7-UP is a vital mixer in anyone’s favorite beverage. Consistently centered branding provides a sophisticated anchor to the animation. The center logo slowly rolls back into the center of the piece as backgrounds and textures transition behind. The textures will bring life and fun to the animation while the footage and images reference the culture and identity of 7-UP.

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For inspiration we put together mood boards and focused our emphasis on cocktails, lifestyle and overall youth. We found high levels of energy and colors when putting these all together and designed around that presence.

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Concept 2 — Mix It Up

Concept 2 went back to the roots. We presented a clean, crisp view of a 7-UP-filled-world complete with bubbles and bright brand imagery. Immersed in this world were colorful fruit as it plunges into view and floats past the screen. The perspective was to reflect the inside of a giant glass as someone is preparing and mixing 7-UP into a drink.

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We grabbed inspiration from other campaigns that used crisp images with an overall playful motion. The color gradient we stuck close to was a Lemon Lime to help with the contrast of a darkly lit stadium.

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